August 15

Whats the correct way to make divots at the range?

scattered divot pattern removes the most amount of turf because a full divot is removed with every swing. Scattering divots results in the most turf loss and uses up the largest area of a tee stall. This forces the golf facility to rotate tee stalls most frequently and often results in an inefficient use of the tee.

concentrated divot pattern removes all turf in a given area. While this approach does not necessarily result in a full-sized divot removed with every swing, by creating a large void in the turf canopy there is little opportunity for timely turf recovery.

The linear divot pattern involves placing each shot directly behind the previous divot. In so doing, a linear pattern is created and only a small amount of turf is removed with each swing. This can usually be done for 15 to 20 shots before moving sideways to create a new line of divots. So long as a minimum of 4 inches of live turf is preserved between strips of divots, the turf will recover quickly. Because this divot pattern removes the least amount of turf and promotes quick recovery, it is the preferred method.


July 25th

For a few weeks every year we have little friends make homes in our sand traps. These fast fliers are officially known as the Bembix Sand Wasp. They dig numerous burrows in soft sand (ie- bunkers) to lay their eggs. Juvenile wasps, known as larvae, emerge from the eggs where they remain in the sand and grow into adults. Adult females congregate together in large numbers when making nests to bait their prey. The higher populations of larvae in nesting sites attract flies, beetles, caterpillars and grasshopper. These insects are captured by the female sand wasp and taken back to the sand burrows to be fed to the growing larvae.

The existence of these critters in the bunkers is a nuisance to golfers but beneficial to the the course as they help to control the population of flies and detrimental turf beetles by preying on them.

The greatest concern for golfers is that they will get stung by these wasps when entering a bunker to play a shot.   Studies have proven that this particular wasp is not aggressive and of no harm to humans.  Both male and females wasps will not sting humans unless they are stepped on or smashed between your hands.  When approached by a human the sand wasp will initially swarm, looking for food, and then go back to their burrows to protect their larvae.

It may be a distraction when trying to play a shot from a bunker but keep in mind, bunkers are hazards and populations will dissipate in September when new adults emerge from the sand.

July 5th

As the pro here at Pembroke Pines, everyone always asks what I play for equipment, so I thought I would go through whats in the bag.

Driver: Callaway Epic Flash 9* Hzrdus Smoke 60 shaft

3 wood: Callaway Epic Flash 13.5* Hzrdus Smoke 70 Shaft

Hybrid: Callaway Apex 18* Catalyst 70 shaft

Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 4-P True Temper Elevate Tour S Shaft

Wedges: Callaway MackDaddy4 50*, 54*, 58* True Temper Tour Issue S200 shafts

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab #7

Ball: Callaway ChromeSoft X With Triple Track 

June 28th 

With summer here we can expect some heat waves to roll in, Here are some tips to help manage the heat on the golf course. 

--Make sure to drink plenty of water!

--Wear loose-fitting clothing that will allow air to circulate but protect you from the sun.

--Avoid direct exposure to the sun. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

--Do not take salt tablets. Salt tablets make dehydration worse because they drain the water from your body.

--Drink cool water rather than cold water, because the body absorbs cool water faster.

--Do not drink juices or sodas during exercise, because these drinks contain more than 10 percent carbohydrates (sugar) and are not absorbed well during exercise.

--It is okay to drink sports drinks because they usually contain less than 8 percent carbohydrates, but these can lead to too many calories if you drink too much of them.


May 13th

What is the worst feeling in golf? How about hitting a ball into a bunker and walking up to the ball and seeing it in the middle of a foot print. It instantly changes your mood certainly if you are a good bunker player. We can all do our part to help each other and rake the bunkers behind us. If you follow thest tips it will make everyone happier about being in a bunker! 

  1. Find the Right Bunker Entry/Exit Point – The first step to good raking is to minimize the raking that’s needed. The best spot to enter and exit the bunker is the lowest spot along the edge of the bunker, closest to your ball. This avoids deeper impressions in the bunker from coming off a high spot, and minimizes footprints in the sand.
  2. Take the Rake With You – Before you step into the bunker, find the rake and carry it with you to where you will make your shot. This also minimizes foot steps and speeds up the raking process.
  3. Play Your Shot – Drop the rake behind you, out of your way, but within reaching distance. Play your shot.
  4. Back Out of Bunker Raking as You Go – Remember to rake the following areas: the path the ball made in the sand after landing; the spot where you put the rake; where your club contacted the sand; and all your footprints. Pull the rake towards you with the goal of levelling the marks to the surrounding surface of the sand.
  5. Step Out of the Bunker and Finish Raking – After you have finished levelling the sand, place the rake outside the bunker, on the side away from the hole, parallel to the line of play. Some courses may have different guidelines for rake replacement. Check your scorecard or rules posted in the Pro Shop.


May 6th

With the nice weather starting to roll in we will start to see an increase of rounds played every day. We can all do our part to keep the course in pristine playing condition. The little things go a long way no spitting on the greens, raking the bunker after you hit from there, and fixing ball marks on the greens. Below is the proper way to repair a ball mark.

ball mark repair.jpg.1a56dd9deaa18a5fd811c261899af2cb

May 3rd

Men's League kicked off last night, 140 players! The Largest league in the state. It was a cold, raw night but teams went out and battled through the elements. There were a lot of close matches, to start the season. The mix of new and returning players make for a great dynamic and lots of good times. Also the deadline for the PemCan Classic is closely approaching May7th is the deadline to register, make sure you get your team in! You wont want to miss this great event!

April 15th

What an incredible sight it was yesterday watching Tiger put on the green jacket for a 5th time. It was a day that will go down as one of the greatest sporting moments in history. This marks career major 15, he now only needs 3 more to tie Jack's record, and 4 to pass. With victories at Bethpage Black (PGA Championship) and Pebble Beach (US Open), which are both hosting majors this year, could Tiger get to 16 or even 17 Majors before the year is over? What an exciting time for golf and hopefully many more victories in the future for Tiger!

April 11th

Augusta originally planned to have a 19th hole, at the request of Bobby Jones. The idea was to have an extra hole so a losing golfer could have an another opportunity to win back his money in a game of double or nothing. It was to be 90-yards long, uphill towards the clubhouse between the 9th and 18th greens. The idea was dropped partly because of economic reasons and partly because it would impede the view to the 18th green for patrons watching the Masters.

April 8th 

Ever wonder how the holes at the Masters got their name? Before becoming a golf course, Augusta National was owned by Fruitland Nurseries until 1931 when it was purchased by Bobby Jones and Clifford Robinson. As a nursery, plants from all over the world were brought in to be grown. This is how the Azalea became so popular at the golf course. In the end the names for each hole came from the plant or tree that was grown in that area of the nursery.

Hole-by-Hole guide (Hole Name/Characteristic)

1. Tea Olive- Fragrant shrub with white flowers

2.Pink Dogwood- Tree with pink blossoms

3.Flowering Peach- Flower can be seen in shades of white, pink and red

4.Flowering Crab Apple- Tree with pink and rose-colored blossoms

5.Magnolia- Tree features large white blossoms

6.Juniper- Small trees with fragrant wood

7.Pampas- Grass with plumelike flowers

8.Yellow Jasmine- Vine of the flower shows its color

9.Carolina Cherry- Tree characterized by small white flowers

10.Camellia- Flowers with different colors depending on variety

11.White Dogwood- Tree with distinctive white flowers

12.Golden Bell- Flower flourishes behind green

13.Azalea- Multiple varieties of signature shrub line left side of hole from tee to green

14.Chinese Fir- Exotic plant features ornamental cones

15.Firethorn- Plant shows small white flowers in spring

16.Redbud- Tree with pinkish blossoms

17.Nandina- Oriental shrub features creamy flowers

18.Holly- Small tree with prickly leaves and red berries

April 4th

As we all start to get our first few warm-up rounds under our belts, I thought it might be a good idea to review a few of the new rule changes over the next few weeks. I’d like to start with a new adjustment to the rule regarding a ball going out of bounds (O.B.). Here is an excerpt from concerning this rule change:

Purpose. When a provisional ball has not been played, significant issues with pace of play can result for a player needing to take stroke-and-distance relief for a ball that is out of bounds or cannot be found. The purpose of this Local Rule is to allow a Committee to provide an extra relief option that allows a player to play on without returning to the location of the previous stroke.
This option allows the player to drop in a large area between the point where the ball is estimated to have come to rest or gone out of bounds and the edge of the fairway of the hole being played that is not nearer the hole.
The player gets two penalty strokes when using this relief option. This means that the relief is comparable to what could have been achieved if the player had taken stroke-and-distance relief.

USGA also posted the following diagram to help better explain the new change:

2019 StrokeAndDistance

Hopefully this can help improve pace-of-play as the new rules are intended to improve all aspects of the game. Check back in upcoming blogs for more on rule changes, new equipment, swing tips, and more!

March 26th

The golf season is right around the corner! It wont be long before we are outside in the sun. The sim league playoffs are taking off this week. Tim Mounsey and Kyle Tillotson jumped out to an early lead with a 59! After the rest of the teams played it was Tom Snow Sr & Jason Colby taking home first place with a net 53, 18 under par. Snow & Colby took home a 2 shot victory over the teams of Geoff Souther & Roger Page and Chris Wall & Pat Poirier, both shooting 16 under par 55. Thank you to everyone who participated and made it a great winter! Now its finally time to play outside! 

August 6th

Its already August and that means our fall membership special has started! Sign up before September 30th to take advantage of all the great incentives being offered. We are also offering a payment plan option. Coming up in a couple weeks we have our biggest tournament of the year. The men's member-member a 2 day 2 person combined killer quota tournament, sign ups are now out in the pro shop. The Ladies Member Guest has been rescheduled for September 23rd. 


July 30th

Only Wednesday August 1st we will begin our fall membership drive. Anyone interested in becoming a member can join for 2019 and play the rest of 2018 for free. The membership also includes playing priveleges at our sister courses CanterburyWoods and Ridgewood, as well as unlimited use of the driving range. On top of those great deals we will also be offering a discounted rate on each of our membership packages. Dont waste anytime this is the best deal in the state! But it will only last until September 30th. So stop by Pembroke Pines starting Wednesday and take care of next years golf!



Our Men’s Invitational took place over the past weekend we had a good turn out and everyone had a great weekend! After all the matches were finished we had 5 teams advance to the shoot out to determine the champion. From the Nicklaus Flight we had Bob Cormier and Chris Philippy, out of the Jones flight we had Nate Blais & Chris Walker, Brian and Chris Barker advanced from the Snead Flight, winning the Palmer flight was Marc Sorrell and Gary Dallaire, and winning the Player Flight was Keith Fields and Brian Bowie. The 5 teams played alternate shot down the 9th hole, and after making birdie the first time down Marc Sorrell and Gary Dallaire claimed the member guest championship!


June 26th

Its been a busy couple weeks here at Pembroke Pines we had lots going on. We had our ladies 6-6-6 with Beth Hamilton and Mindy Williams claiming the title. Also our men's 55-55 was this past weekend and Josh Lacasse and Jeff Keeler cruised to a 10 shot victory. The victory vaulted Josh to the top of the Mitchell-Cornish points list.  Congratulations goes out to Chris Robinson on her first ever hole in one on the 6th hole! Also to Rose Galligan for her hole in one at Canterbury's 11th hole!

Sign Ups are available in the pro shop for member guest. Men's  will be July 14th & 15th and the Women's will be July 22nd.


June 5th

Congratulations to Pembroke Pines CC member Sylvia Prive for claiming her 2nd consecutive Concord City Womens Senior Championship. Both years she has claimed the overall title in a playoff, nice playing Sylvia! There are lots of events coming up on the schedule here at Pembroke Pines. June 10th is our Ladies 6-6-6 which is 6 holes of best ball, 6 holes scramble, and 6 holes scotch. June 15th is our member+3 guest which is just a best ball of the foursome where a member can bring 3 guest or 2 members bring 2 guests. June 23rd & 24th is our men's 55-55 where one player is under and one player is over or both players over 55 years old, and play four different formats over the 2 days. July 14th and 15th is our men's invitational and july 22 is our womens invitational. Make sure you stop by the pro shop to sign up for all these great events. 


May 22nd

Leagues are off and running with the men's League entering week 4 this Thursday and Ladies League starting Wednesday night. Couples league Signups are taking place now and league will begin June 8th. This weekend we held our first club tournament this weekend, the Jack and Jill which is one round from the blue tees and one round from the red tees. Josh Lacasse and Justin Wilk claimed their 2nd consecutive title by shooting a 2 day total of 11 under par cruising to a 14 shot victory over Mark Yeaton and Jim Dussault. Bob Cormier and Jim Weigle claimed the net title by shooting a 2 day total of 21 under par and squeaking out a 3 shot victory over John Campbell and Al Douglas. 


May 14th

Our Thursday night men's league is off and running and two weeks in it looks like we will have some tight battles for playoff spots. Our Wednesday night women's league begins next wednesday May 23rd with a 5:00 pm shotgun. Finally our Friday night couples league will begin on June 8th. Sign up sheets are available on the website, or in the pro shop. Next weekend we will host our Jack & Jill tournament, which is a 2 person best ball where Saturday's roundis from the blue tees and Sunday's round is from the red tees. Spots are still available. Lastly we have begun signups for our match play tournament, it is the same format the PGA tour uses for their WGC Match play, sign ups are available in the pro shop.

May 1st

The opening day scramble was held this past weekend. 40 members came out and braved the rain to take part and in the end it turned out to be a lot better weather than was expected. The team of Nate Blais, Tim Mounsey, Kyle Tillotson and Nate Kosko cruised to a 5 shot victory by shooting a 57. Christy Ebbs, Alicia Perry, Brian Johnson and Travis Sylvia claimed the closest to the pin prizes. After the round the players enjoyed a little lunch prepared by chef Marty! Next event up on the schedule is the Jack and Jill May 19th & 20th. We are finally getting some good weather just in time for league to start this Thursday night.


April 23rd

Would you look at that the sun finally made an appearance this weekend! It was a beautiful weekend here at Pembroke Pines and it was good to see so many of you come out and take advantage of it. Now lets just hope we have finally broken out of that cold spell and on to some consistent warmer temps. We still have sign ups available for the Opening Day Scramble on Sunday make sure to give the pro shop a call and we can sign you up. Our Women's league will be meeting Wednesday evening to discuss the upcoming league season as well as starting to take sign ups. Out Thursday men's league is filling up fast, so if you are interested please make sure you get your sign up sheet in ASAP the deadline to sign up is May 1st as league begins May 3rd. 


April 17th

What a tough start to spring we have had with this weather. When we get the opportunities to play its good to see everyone returning to Pembroke Pines. We have the opening day scramble coming up on the 29th a sign up sheet has been posted in the pro shop. This is just a fun event so sign up with a team or as an individual and we will pair you up! Also they are making some progress on finishing the bunkers on hole 15. Once completed it will really change the way the hole should be played! Sign ups for our Thursday night mens league are underway and spots are going fast, so make sure you sign up today. The Wednesday night women's league will start sign ups at their meeting on April 25th at 5pm. 

Bunkers on Hole 15


April 9th

Opening Weekend 2018 is in the books! It was good to see so many of you come out and take those first swings of 2018 this weekend.Its only 3 weeks until our Opening day Scramble! Sign ups for our Thursday night men's league have started today and ladies league will begin soon as well. All of us here are looking forward to another fun summer at Pembroke Pines!


April 4th

Opening Day is finally here! The golf course will be opening April 6th at 8am. Weather permitting we will be sending out carts. Lets get the golf season rolling!


March 26

The Winter Simulator League came to an end this week. The top 15 teams battled in a one round 18 hole playoff for the Championship. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners Eric Healey & Tim Winslow for shooting a net 56 to win, they narrowly beat out the team of Ben Ficken & Bill Mullaney who shot a 57 and finishing in third were the 2 time champions Nate Blais & Ryan Giera posting a 59. Thank you to everyone that participated in the league! The banquet will be March 28th @ 6pm. Keep an eye out for our Masters pool!

March 19th

The regular season has finished up for the simulator league here at Pembroke Pines. After shooting a net 28 last week George Robinson and Nate Duval claimed the regular season title for a 2nd straight season, finishing in 2nd was Matt Nelson & James Key-Wallace and Zach Buckman and Dave Stickney rounded out the top 3! Playoffs will take place this week at the Irish Course @ Whistling Straits best of luck to all the teams that qualified.

The banquet for the simulator league will take place on March 28th and dinner will be served between 6-6:30. 

March 12th

Week 9 is in the books and we enter the final week of the regular season for Simulator League. There were a lot of low scores for the week, but the top team for week 9 was Mike Petto & Matt Henry shooting a net 24 followed by John Cimokoski & Keith Godbout who were one shot back with a 25. There was som changing at the top of the overal standings. Matt Nelson & James Key-Wallace jumped into 1st place, George Robinson & Nate Duval moved to 2nd and Eric Healey & Tim Winslow remained in 3rd Place. Claiming the closest to the pins this week were Matt Nelson & Tom Martell. The final week will be on the Back 9 of the Links at Spanish Bay!

Come by the Pub and take place in our March Madness Bracket Challenge running from now until noon on Thursday!

March 5th 

Week 8 has wrapped up for the indoor golf league here at Pembroke Pines, only 2 weeks remain before playoffs! There was some change at the top of the leaderboards this week. Justin Kimball & Mike Napolitano remain in 1st place but only by a single point over the new 2nd place team of Matt Nelson & James Key-Wallace, while Eric Healey & Tim Winslow have risen to 3rd place 7 points behind 1st. With only 2 weeks remaining the battle for the playoffs is getting tight. The top 15 teams after week 10 will advance to a 1 week 18 hole playoff round. 40 points seperate 11th place and 20th place. The low team for week 8 was Brian Johnson & Dave Baxter shooting a net 25! They were followed by Eric Healey & Tim Winslow (27) and Geoff Martin & Ron Elliard and Tom Martell & Tony Tepper both shooting net 28s. Claiming the Closest to the Pins this week were Bill Mullen & Geoff Souther!


February 26th

Week 7 is in the books for our 2018 Simulator league! The top 3 teams remain the same with Guillmette & Hughes leap frogging the team of Buckman & Stickney for 2nd place while Kimball & Napolitano remain at the top of the standings. The top teams for week 7 were Justin Kimball & Mike Napolitano, Bill Mullen & Phil Webster, and Brian Guillmette & NIck Hughes each team shot a net 27! Taking down the closest to the pins were Robin Ruth & Mindy Williams! Teams will be taking their talents to the home of the 2020 Ryder Cup Whistling Straits!

Congratulations to the Pebble Beach Pro Am Winners. Winning the gross side was David Stickney & Scott Stallings shooting a 65 and the net division winners Steve Sarrasin & Jason Day with a net 57. Winning closest to the Pins were Deb Vallieres & Diane Delisle and winning the longest drive with a tee shot of 331 yards Zach Buckman!


February 19th

The sixth week of the simulator league has been completed. The top three teams through the 6 weeks are Justin Kimball & Mike Napolitano in 1st, Zach Buckman & Dave Stickney in 2nd and Nick Hughes and Brian Guillmette in 3rd place. The low teams for week 6 were Matt Nelson & James Key-Wallace and Geoff Martin & Dave Swenson shooting a pair of net 25s. The low teams for the previous week were Jeff Milender & Ryan Dube, and Scott Whitney & Rob Veilleux shooting net 28s! This week teams will test their games at Spyglass Hill!

Keep a look out for our March Madness and Masters Tournaments beginning in March!


February 5th

The fourth week of the winter simulator league league is in the books. The low teams of the week are  Dave Stickney & Zach Buckman and Eric Healey & Tim Winslow,  shooting a net 23, followed closely by Brian Guillmette & Nick Hughes, amd Geoff Souther & Roger Page shooting a net 25 & 26. Brian Guillmette & Nick Hughes moved into first overall, following in 2nd is the team of Dave Stickney & Zach Buckman, and in 3rd are Justin Kimball & Mike Napolitano. Nice shooting ladies and gentlemen! Taking down the closests to the pin were Dave Stickney and Brian Guillmette! This week teams will take their talents to the Aleria Gardens!

Now running through this sunday is the Pebble Beach Pro-Am @PPCC. It will be a 2 person bestball tournament where your partner is any PGA Pro playing at Pebble Beach. It is your chance to partner up with Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson & Jordan Speith!

January 29th

The third week of the winter league has wrapped up. The low teams of the week are  Eric Cygan & Kyle Jendrick,  shooting a net 26, followed closely by George Robinson & Nate Duval, amd Scott Whitney & Rob Veilleux shooting a net 28. George Robinson & Nate Duval moved into first overall, following in 2nd is the team of Eric Cygan & Kyle Jendrick, and in 3rd are Matt Nelson & James Key-Wallace. Nice shooting ladies and gentlemen! Taking down the closests to the pin were Nate Blais and Geoff Martin! This week teams will take their talents to the Waterlefe Golf & River Club!

Now running through February 11th is the Pebble Beach Pro-Am @PPCC. It will be a 2 person bestball tournament where your partner is any PGA Pro playing at Pebble Beach. It is your chance to partner up with Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson & Jordan Speith!


January 22nd

The second week of the winter league has wrapped up. The low teams of the week are  Tom Martell & Tony Tepper, and Brian Guilmette & Nick Hughes shooting a net 27. Tom Martell & Tony Tepper moved into first overal, following in 2nd is the team of Eric Healey & Tim Winslow, and in a tie for 3rd are Zach Buckman & Dave Stickney, and Justin Kimball & Mike Napolitano. Nice shooting ladies and gentlemen! Taking down the closests to the pin were Austin Reynolds and Ken Smith! This week teams will take their talents to the Huzhou Hot Springs Golf Club!

Now running through February 11th is the Pebble Beach Pro-Am @PPCC. It will be a 2 person bestball tournament where your partner is any PGA Pro playing at Pebble Beach. It is your chance to partner up with Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson & Jordan Speith!


January 15th

The first week of the winter league is in the books. Out to an early lead are the teams of Jeff Milender & Ryan Dube, and Eric Cygan & Kyle Jendrick shooting a net 24. Following close are the teams of Beth Hamilton & Robin Ruth, George Robinson & Nate Duval, and James Key-Wallace & Matt Nelson shooting a net 26. Nice shooting ladies and gentlemen! Taking down the closests to the pin were John Cimikoski and Brian Johnson! This week teams will take their talents to the Old Palm Golf Club!

Now running through February 11th is the Pebble Beach Pro-Am @PPCC. It will be a 2 person bestball tournament where your partner is any PGA Pro playing at Pebble Beach. It is your chance to partner up with Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson & Jordan Speith!


January 8th

Tonight is the first week of our 10 week Winter Simulator League. Teams will be teeing off on the front 9 at the Teeth of the Dog @ Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic. It is not too late to still sign up if you are interested there are a couple of spots available still. Also going on this month will be our first ever January Classic an 18 hole stroke play tournament at Whistling Straits. Call us today @ 210-1365 x.12 to make your tee time, and also keep an eye out for our specials posted on our website and Facebook page!


January 1st

Our pre winter league has finished up, a big thank you to every one that came out and made it such an enjoyable time. Our 10 week winter league will begin next monday January 8th! There are still spots available for anyone interested in playing. Also there are plenty of times outside of the league to come in and play.  Just call the pro shop  210-1365 x.12 for more information on tee times as well as league info!

Also coming this January will be the first ever January Classic at Pembroke Pnes it is an 18 hole stroke play tournament for golfers of all ages and abilities. Information will be emailed out, so stay tuned!

We here at Pembroke Pines hope you all had a great holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


December 18th

Our pre winter Sim league is finishing up this week and our Winter League will begin on January 8th. There are still spots remaining, if you are interested and would like more information please give the Pro Shop a call. Hurry before the spots fill up!

With the holidays approaching our hours will change so that our staff can spend time with their families as well. On Christmas Eve (24th) we will be open 9am- 3pm, Christmas (25th) closed all day, and we will open up at 9am the day after for normal business hours. On New Years Eve we will be open 9am-6pm and open all day New Years Day!

Also if you are in  the need of last minute Christmas gifts for the golfer in your family we have gift certificates available, as well as all remaining clothing at $19.99!


December 11th

With the snow falling our outdoor season has finally come to a close, not too bad for those of you who played into December! Don't let this winter weather take away from your golfing time we have our 2 golf simulators up and running in the Pembroke Pub. With over 40 different courses to choose from you can play 18 at Pebble Beach or TPC Sawgrass while the snow falls here in NH.  Also if you are in  the need of last minute Christmas gifts for the golfer in your family we have gift certificates available, as well as all remaining clothing at $19.99!


November 15th

Both of our AboutGolf simulators were installed last week and our pre winter league has started! We have tee times available 7 days a week so if you are looking to stay warm and play gold come on up to the Pembroke Pub for 18 holes. We have some new courses this year including the Irish Course at Whistling Straits, TPC Louisiana, TPC Scottsdale, & TPC Sawgrass. So come on in and test your aim at the famous 17th hole! 

The pub has some great specials that they will run throughout thw winter. Each week they  will feature a drink, appetizer & entree special. This week the drink is a MOSCOW MULE, the app is BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP and the entree is a PIZZA BURGER! Come on up for some food, drinks & fun!!!


November 6th

The last event of the season wrapped up this past weekend. The turkey shoot took place on Saturday, it was a beautiful day amid threats of frost and cold weather. Josh Lacasse, Luc Lacasse, Jeff Keeler, & Mark Yeaton shot a 58 for the low round of the day, but the real winners of the day were Paul Zaffini, Sam Phillips, Chris Hubbard, & Dennis Dunn they all took a 15 pound turkey as a prize. Also this weekend was the inaugural Mitchell-Cornish shootout, it was a 10 man shootout featuring the top 10 from our season long points race. On the final hole it came down to the top 2 point earners John Campbell & Justin Wilk, and John Campbell took home the title by making a par. Ricky Bergevin Jr rounded out the top 3 advancing all the way to the 17th hole. It was a great battle all year, we shall see who takes home the title next year.

The simulators will be installed this week! Meaning when the weather is sub par outside you can still come inside for a tee time. League sign ups are still available our pre winter scramble league begins next monday November 13th and runs for 5 weeks (skipping thanksgiving week). Sign up in the Pro Shop!


October 30th

As the tournament season winds down our last event is approaching. November 4th the Turkey shoot will take place it is a 4 person scramble starting with a 9am shotgun and followed by a turkey dinner in the pub. This is a fun tournament for members and guests to play in so we encourage you to invite a guest or 2 and come out and play. We will be randomly drawing 4 names to win a turkey. Sign up ASAP as the last day to sign up will be Thursday November 2nd. Also come by and check out the huge sale going on in the pro shop shirts as low as $20 and 25% all shoes and bags! Simulator sign ups are available as well, they will be up and running very soon. 


October 23rd

The Sadie Hawkins tournament was played this weekend and it was a close battle down to the last group. The big winners this weekend were Jim Dussault & Christine Robinson who shot a 75 were our gross champions, and Brian Barker & Kate Kelleher shot a 62 and were named our net champions. Finishing in 2nd place on the gross side was the team of Jack Perry & Kristen Tanguay who shot a 77, and on the net side Al Douglas & Rose Galligan finished 2nd shooting a 63! Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone that played! Next up is the Turkey Shoot on November 4th sign up as an individual or as a 4some for a fun round of golf with a Turkey Dinner to follow, open to members as well as the public! One last thing with these cold mornings creeping in be aware that we could experience a frost delay, so if you are unsure call the pro shop and check. 


October 16th

Over the weekend we hosted our men's 55-55. It is a format that features 9 holes best ball, scotch, scramble, and alternate shot. We had beautiful weather both days. It came down to a score card playoff to determine our gross champions. The team of Rick Leveque and Ricky Bergevin Jr prevailed over Mark Yeaton and Pat Englehart, while Ken Smith & John Campbell finished 3rd gross. On the net side Scott Davio & Carl Micucci pulled off a 3 shot victory over Wayne Hardy & Terry Moore, while Tony Kramer & Mark Hambleton finished 3rd net. Next weekend is our Sadie Hawkins 6-6-6 and on November 4th we will hold our final event the Turkey shoot which will be open to members as well as non members. 

A reminder that all pro shop credit must be spent by October 22nd, make sure you spend it as soon as possible as the inventory will start to dwindle down this fall.


October 9th

Our Friday Night Couples league concluded last friday night with the championship match between Rich LaBrance & Diane Currier taking on Bob & Deb Morrissette. The LaBranche/Currier team captured their first championship with a 3&2 victory. This concluded league play here at Pembroke Pines! Anyone interested in joining anyone of our leagues feel free to call the pro shop for more details or check the website next spring! The tournament season is quickly finishing up as well. We have our 55-55 this weekend and the Sadie Hawkins the 21st and then the Turkey shoot will finish up the tournament season in November.

A reminder that all pro shop credit must be spent by October 22nd, make sure you spend it as soon as possible as the inventory will start to dwindle down this fall.

October 2nd

This month the 15th  & 16th holes has been going through a makeover. The tee boxes on 15 were re done and have been growing in nicely. The bunker on the right side has been pushed back another 20yards and an additional bunker was built on the left side. On 16 the tee box has been lowered to make the hole play to a truer yardage. Between the holes mounds were added similar to the ones between 10 & 18. The changes are really going to add to the aesthetics of the course.

A reminder that all pro shop credit must be spent by October 22nd, make sure you spend it as soon as possible as the inventory will start to dwindle down this fall. 


September 25th

This week saw the conclusion of our Thursday Night Men's League with the final match being played on Thursday. George Tsoutsas & Roger Miller defeated Matt Poirier & Kevin Rand 2 up to claim the title as league champions. In the "Fun" Bracket Bill Alois & John Gallagher took down Ernie Wilcox & Bill Faith to claim the the fun bracket championship. In our weekly occurance section Tim Reid aced the par 3 16th hole on Saturday Morning! Congratulations and Nice shot Tim! Also a reminder that Saturday the 30th is the last day to take advantage of the fall membership rates. 


September 18th

This past weekend we hosted a few member events. On Saturday was our womens member-member tournament. They battled for 18 holes and in the end Jean Johnston and Eileen Clark were named net winners and  Deb Vallieres and Joanne Duffy were crowned gross champions after an even par 73. Nice shootin' ladies! On sunday was our 9-9 tournament. That is a two person scramble where you have to use 9 drives from each person. Ricky Bergevin Jr and Shane St. Onge were our gross winners shooting 7 under par 65 to win, while Justin Wilk and Kevin Theberge were our net winners. Lastly on Tuesday night Ron Bourgoin aced the 4th hole. Must be something special about Tuesday nights at the Pines! That makes two weeks in a row on Tuesdays! Come down this week and try to make it 3! 


September 11th

It has been a busy week down here at PPCC. Leagues are finishing up, our men's league heads in to the championship matches, and our friday night couples league begins their playoffs this week. Also we have had a couple outings take place over the weekend. While outings may seem to take up the course for the eniter today, they are also necessary for us here at the course. It helps us maintain our membership rates as one of the best values in the state and also give us a chance to show off our beautiful golf course. As we head into the middle of September, there are only a few more weeks to take advantage of our membership rate specials, they will be running until September 30th. Lastly a big congratulations goes out to Richard Leveque for an ace on the 13th hole Tuesday night!


September 4th

Our ladies league wrapped up this week and we ended up with a three way tie for first place! Congratulations to the teams of Jan Davio & Donna Micucci, Connie Manus & Sylvia Prive, and Christy Ebbs & Shannon Boudreau well done ladies! Thank you to all the teams that showed up and competed all year. It was a battle all year, not just amongst the teams, but with the weather it seemed like every Wednesday rain was in the forecast! Great season ladies, we are looking forward to another great year in 2018.


August 28th 

This weekend concluded our Men's Member-Member tournament we had 30 teams compete to be named champions. They played 36 holes of point quota golf. They grinded out over the two days and at the end Mark Hambleton and Terry Moore were a combined +11 for the weekend, cruising to a 4 shot victory. Finishing in 2nd place at +7 was the team of Chris & Craig Hubbard, in 3rd place at +6 was Matt and Steve Nelson and in tie for 4th place at +3 were the teams of Nate Blais and Bobby Kohler and Luc and Josh Lacasse. Coming up September 16th we have our women's member member and September 17th we have the 9-9. 


August 21st

Over the weekend we opened the new tee boxes on 10, as well as the new 18th hole. These new opportunites, present a fair but challenging test to golfers of all ages and abilities. Make your tee time today to come check them out. Also our membership special is still going on. Sign up before 9/30 and receive special pricing, as well as play the rest of this season for free. 

10 tee18 green18 tee


August 1st

Our 2018 membership campaign has started, sign up for a 2018 membership today and play the rest of this season for free! Join before September 30th and receive tri golf privileges at Canterbury Woods & Ridgewood along with Pembroke Pines CC, also included is a driving range membership if you sign up before that date. 



July 28th

Titleist will be at Pembroke Pines on Friday August 4th from 9am to 4pm to do golf ball fittings for anyone that is interested. They will have trackman set up to do full fittings by appointment. You can schedule these 15 minute blocks in the pro shop, all you need is a sw, 6 or 7 iron, and driver. If you do not have time for a full fitting they can do recommendations as you head to the tee. Everyone that participates will receive free 2 ball packs of their recommended golf ball.