Sandwiched between the historic towns of Concord and Manchester New Hampshire, Pembroke Pines Country Club is a Semi-Private 18 Hole Championship Golf Course open to the Public, with natural landscapes and stunning views of the Central New England Region. The course layout is highly touted and one that's fair to all levels of golfers. With golf course conditions that rival a Private Country Club and a club staff eager to make your visit as pleasurable as possible, surely this should make your "Places to Play" list as often as possible.

Pembroke Pines Country Club strives to provide affordable, friendly service at competitive rates. We have a full practice facility to offer our members and guests, and we offer several competitive golf programs for men, women, seniors, and juniors of all skill levels.

Practice Facilities: 

The practice range has t grass tee area and mats, and a bunker to work on your sand shots. Balls are limited distance at approximately 80%. The practice green is open to use for anyone at no charge. It offers a large, sloping green to challenge all abilities to practice different lengths, and breaking putts.

Pembroke Pines Dress Code Policy

Pembroke Pines welcomes all golfers to our facility. We would like to offer the following dress code for all of our member and customers who visit our facility.

  • Appropriate attire is required for all activities and for the use of all facilities.  
  • Golf shoes are recommended; soft-soled athletic shoes are permitted.  The use of metal spikes is prohibited.
  • Men are required to wear Bermuda length shorts or slacks and a collared shirt. Denim shorts, jeans, gym attire, sweatpants, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, denim shirts and shirts with inappropriate images or wording are not permitted.
  • Women are required to wear Bermuda-length shorts, skirts, skorts, capris or slacks. Women may wear sleeveless shirts but with a collar. Tank-tops, tube-tops are not permitted.
  • Jeans may only be worn in the off months of November 1st to April 30th. At no time from May 1st to October 31st may jeans be worn.

We want to thank you for choosing Pembroke Pines for your golfing experience and we look forward to having you.

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Pembroke Pines "Pro Tips"

Hole 1: A short par 5 with water off the tee. Hit a good drive and give yourself a good chance to start off under par.
Hole 2: Water off the tee and a lateral hazard on the left. Keep your drive middle-right. The pin placement is important for second shot selection
Hole 3: Out of bounds along the left side. It’s 230 yards to the hazard that runs across the fairway. It is best to stay short and have about 130 yards to the green
Hole 4: A par 3 uphill, pay attention to the distance of the hole. Tee and pin placements make a difference. Out of bounds is along the left side.
Hole 5: A long par 4. Keep your drive middle-right to give yourself a look at the green.
Hole 6: There is water in front and a trap on the right. Hit enough club into the wind. The green breaks towards the clubhouse.
Hole 7: A short par 4. Most trouble on this hole is the trap to the left of the green. Stay out and score well.
Hole 8: This hole is a good par 4. It’s out of bounds along the left side. Try to keep to the right and save a lot of trouble.
Hole 9: A good scoring hole. Tis par 5 has a hazard along the left and across the fairway for your second shot.
Hole 10: With woods on both sides, try to keep it straight. 230 yards is perfect on this hole. This will leave you with about 150 to the green.
Hole 11: A dogleg left, keep right for a clear shot to the green. There is a hidden trap to the front and right of this large green.
Hole 12: Water hazard off the tee about 230 yards. Hit a good second shot middle-right for a clear shot to the green.
Hole 13: A good par 3, with water hazard in front and no room right or left. It’s best to hit this large green with your tee shot.
Hole 14: With a water hazard off the tee, make a choice to go for it or play it safe to the left. Keep it straight on your second shot.
Hole 15: A short par 4 with two fairway bunkers. Keep your drive straight and watch for the deep bunker in front of the green.
Hole 16: A scenic par 3 with a river that surrounds the green with trees to the right and traps to the left. Hit the correct club and score well.
Hole 17: The river runs along the left off the tee. Keep it right and watch for the bunker short of the green for your second shot.
Hole 18: Our new finishing hole is beautiful, dogleg left, with a slightly uphill 2nd shot to a multi-tiered green.

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